Return Legacy is an organisation that focuses on a person’s overall health and wellness for a better life. But we also know that not everyone is fortunate to experience the same benediction due to life’s circumstances. Which is why at Return Legacy, we’re determined to serve the same for the less fortunate. It doesn’t matter if they are physically or financially challenged, we believe that everyone deserves an equal playing ground to begin life with.

Since our inception, we have been actively engaging in Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) activities because it our purpose to create value in the society. We know that as a business and an organisation, this approach and contribution are all about sustaining development of society around us. Whether it’s social impact, improving living ethics and more, Return Legacy wants to empower the less fortunate because we believe that when we pass down the skills to others, it will enable them to live a better life and inspire others in return.

This is crucial because it’s about creating an ecosystem that everyone can thrive in no matter the life situation. We truly believe that every individual, when given the right guidance, can create life for the better, for themselves and people around them.

As our guiding mantra “Special Life, Special Legacy”, we want to carry this forward in all our CSR endeavours. Living a special life and in turn inspiring others to do the same is the special legacy we all want to live behind.

That’s why at Return Legacy, we have established a legally-approved association by the government to facilitate and organise charity events and public donations. We take this matter seriously as we want to ensure that all CSR activities are properly and professionally facilitated. We take pride in contributing well in all aspects.

Inspiring Mobile Life

We know limited physical abilities can somewhat hinder a person to pursue a normal life. Which is why, to ease their daily burden, Return Legacy has been contributing in terms of financial assistance, donations in terms of daily household essentials, clothes as well as food and beverages. It is with hope that when we do ease their daily burden, can they live a better life and feel that there is someone out there that cares for their well-being.

  • In the 2016, we visited Kirtarsh Home for the disabled and handicapped. We found out about a fire incident at the home and decided to gather everyone in the company to help clean and get their operations back in working order. We’ve sorted out the basic necessities in the pool of donated items from the non-basic necessities. Those non-basic ones are then sold to the public to raise a mini fund for the home. Other than that, we also put up banners and spread the word to friends and the wider public to help donate cash and other basic necessities.
  • In the year 2017, we visited Suntek Handicapped Welfare Home. We’ve arranged for volunteers who couldn’t make it for the visitation to donate in terms of basic necessities. Those who were present were tasked to help sort out items and store them conveniently at the home. These included helping to clean their home, re-arrange items on their shelves and racks and more. All in all, a total of RM16,874 worth of monetary donation, household essentials, food and beverages were donated to the home.
  • MYR10,000 donation to Persatuan Insan Istimewa Cheras Selangor in December 2018.

Sow the Future

Education has been the boon of societies. A learned person is a person who will know what’s right from wrong, how to lead a better life and in turn, make the world a better place for all. This is where we believe our contribution can make a difference in a person’s life. When they are inspired to learn, explore and be a better version of themselves, they will know that education and knowledge are key. We hope to give them the right tools to begin their journey towards knowledge.

UKM Scholarship Award via the Lee Siew Keong Scholarship Foundation since 2015:

  • Return Legacy has provided scholarship worth MYR2 million to students of Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia (UKM) – an ongoing initiative that started back in 2015 and continues today as its founder is a strict believer in knowledge acquisition for a better life.
  • Construction of library & bus stop in UKM – Return Legacy refurbished UKM’s library to ensure students have access to a better space to pore over books and spend their valuable time in amassing knowledge. And for ease of accessing transportation to campus and back, a bus stop was built at the campus so students can seek shelter while waiting for public transportation.
  • After knowing the news of a fundraising event for 500 orang asli children in Kuala Betis, Kelantan, we’ve decided to take part in it. The fundraising period lasted from 18 – 24 Dec 2017. During that period, we’ve successfully raised RM50,000 in funds, which was more than sufficient to provide for children’s schooling essentials. The donation was a collective effort made possible by Return Legacy, members and the public at large.
  • In 2018, we’ve approached SJK (C) Pasir Pinji 2 that provides special education integrated programme for the physically and mentally challenged children in Perak. The school is lacked of classroom to accommodate such special education programme. We’ve contributed a total of RM30,000 for a complete classroom to be built to meet the needs of the teacher and children as well. By 2019, these special children will have a classroom to call their own with a teacher that can then fully concentrate on their needs while imparting valuable knowledge.
  • MYR20,000 donation to PIBG SJK (C) Damansara in 2019.

Legacian Patriotic Support in March 2018

3% of every purchase in June 2018 Legacy Plan was contributed to Tabung Harapan Malaysia amounting to a total donation of MYR153,836.

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