Founded in 2005, The World Brands Foundation (TWBF) is the world’s only branding foundation and a non-profit organization dedicated to developing brands in a myriad of business backdrops. Led by its Patron, H.E. Tun Dato’Sri Haji Abdullah Ahmad Badawi, the fifth Prime Minister of Malaysia, together with a Board of Governors who are experienced captains of industries and established brand icons. Starting off on a modest note with the publication of branding articles in local media, TWBF has grown to become the authority in brands and branding and established its global footprints. Taking an active role in identifying and nurturing outstanding brands on an international platform, TWBF continuously champions its mission to educate and communicate the “value of branding” with the concept that brand culture, combines with good practices will give brands the edge in this competitive environment.

Conceptualized in 2006, The BrandLaureate Awards has become the most prestigious and coveted branding awards in the world. As the definition of “laureate” is one that is worthy of the greatest honor or distinction, being awarded The BrandLaureate Award is a defining moment as it is a testimony of the brand’s success, acknowledgement of the brand’s value, strength, character and the endorsement of being the best. Its core mission is to be the ‘CIA of Brands & Branding’ – Creating brand awareness for brand sustainability, Inspiring brand achievement for brand success, and Actualizing brand activation for brand significance. TWBF continues its global journey as it brings this prestigious Award to the world, providing brands with a platform to stamp their mark internationally. Today it has over 500 personalities across 1,500 brands in 80 countries.

Of the 25 Business Brand Awards and 8 Brand Leadership Awards up for grabs, we at Return Legacy are home to 2 of these prestigious awards, namely The BrandLaureate Prominent Business BestBrands Awards 2019 in Beauty & Wellness Solutions and The BrandLaureate Prominent Business BestBrands Awards 2019 – Prominent Brand Leadership Award, Ms. Sam Kho. These awards are by nomination only and winners are strictly evaluated and carefully selected by the Brand Committee based on 5 key criterion; namely brand strategy, brand culture, brand innovation, brand performance, and brand communication. Crafted and plated in 24k gold, The BrandLaureate’s trophy reflects the pursuit of brand excellence and journey taken to achieve its leadership status. A new trophy is designed for every annual award to reflect its theme though the main elements of the trophy that is the statuette and emblem remain the same. The trophy is a mark of distinction and recognition of brand success.

Established in 2014, Return Legacy’s business have expanded from Malaysia to Singapore, Indonesia, and Thailand. Within a short span of 5 years, its efforts have paved its pathway to tremendous success as well as receiving this prestigious industry recognition. Prominent Brand Leadership Award winner and Return Legacy co-founder Ms. Sam Kho proudly attributes these awards as a form of recognition for the entire team: “We do not cower at the face of failure, it is what fuels and drives us to the pinnacle of success.” The BrandLaureate’s emblem, instantly recognised as the authority in branding is associated with nothing less than the best of the best. The emblem with an outline of the a globe in the inner circle reflects the global status of the BrandLaureates, as the winners of the Awards are known. Historically, a laurel (wreath of leaves) is presented to winners of the Olympics and Grand Prix. The laurel signifies Victory, Triumph and Honor. Thus, it is only befitting for The BrandLaureate’s emblem to be surrounded by a laurel, befitting the status and symbol of the Award.

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